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Cross-platform Co-Op Dungeon Crawler

Solo Project | UE4

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  • Solo UE4 Dungeon-Crawling development to identify key mechanics from the genre. Analysing relative genres such as rouge-likes and Metroidvanias, deconstructed into key features and implemented via UE4 visual scripting.​

  • IP research and growth. Working from a previous Project brand (Traveller Kingdoms), target audience was reassessed to consider the genre adjustments and time elapsed from previous title to create a new but familiar identity to the entry.

  • Rouge-like progression using flexible character abilities to avoid monotony in gameplay longevity and promote agency during sessions. Skills developed using open formulas to mix and match attack combinations and avoid a single-playstyle for a better result in agency during team play.

  • Game-feel focused combat and dungeon-generation macros for ease of future development. Critical functions to generate a new dungeon layout and ensure rich combat states during gameplay compiled into accessible macros to allow a fluent workflow when implementing new content for players.

  • Cross-Platform production for additional hardware access. UE4 replication and Android app development software to allow gameplay inputs from a virtual controller to offer extra hardware for multiplayer.


4-Player Party Brawler

Group Project | UE4

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  • Polishing key gameplay mechanics from feedback testing. Optimising the Game Loop and adjusting Game Modes to improve long-term replay value.


  • UI/UX design and animation to maximise Game-Feel. Visual feedback used to prompt player engagement and intrinsic motivation during competitive sessions. Each area of the interface came with its own animation set (such as HUD rumble on damage) and audio cues for consistency throughout the game to provide feedback clarity for positive and negative actions.


  • Maintaining game flow. Selections come with icons or a video to clearly depict the choice to maintain Player agency and avoid loss in Flow during multiple game sessions. Choices remained limited, such as only 3 options with any minor selections being smaller in size.


  • Managing local and online social-media QA sessions. Public feedback was deconstructed to acknowledge weaker areas and iterate designs swiftly. This encouraged further accessibility adjustments such as colour feedback on damage hits and adjusted character colours to be colour-blind friendly (e.g. tritanomaly).


Professor Leni Oglesby Prize for Achievement (Continuing Student)







Pixel Character Commission Example
Phantasy Star Beat 'em Up Mockup
Overwatch Character Sprite
Skullgirls Fighting Game Pixel Character
Nier Automata RPG Pixel Dialogue
Ashley Side-Scroller Shooter Mockup
Battle Flip Shot Remake Mockup
Arcane Waters (Indie Game) Pixel Ships

Pixel Art

An assortment of 2D Pixel Art game drafts and client work for indie titles over the last few years.

From 2D demake concepts based on classic IP such as Battle Flip Shot (Neo-Geo, 1998) and Phantasy Star Online (SEGA, 2000) to providing assets to indie releases such as Arcane Waters (Black Mammoth Games, 2022).

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