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Genre: Team-based Multiplayer Stealth Action

Studio: Sumo Digital Newcastle

Partner(s): Focus Entertainment
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Engine: UE4

  • Combat Design: Balancing the Rock/Paper/Scissors match-up, introducing Perks that fulfil "hidden roles" to promote player discovery and community sharing of character-build information, introducing the 5th Character based on live data to fill gaps in team dynamics

  • Progression: Designing hour-to-hour retention through content such as Perk unlock, Daily Challenges and Lore Tapestries to fill out an overarching progress towards future updates

  • Mission Design: Pitching the onboarding scenario for the Player, rapidly iterating the concept through visual scripting and evolving into an Opening Mission encounter to showcase each Hero and the unity fantasy

  • Live Ops: Representative for Twitch promotional material and studio host for update showcases

  • Core / Game Loop : Overhaul legacy second-to-second / minute-to-minute game loop to address gameplay balance as per community live ops feedback

  • Game Mode Dev: Co-designing a PvE Hardcore Mode (Domination gameplay) to support Player Types, redesigning and wireframing the original PvP Mode to better fit the Game Pillars and Player Experience: supporting team/objective play

  • UI/UX: Localisation owner (12-Languages), wireframing menus using Visio and building in UE4 UMG

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Genre: Multiplayer Competitive Anti-Gravity Racing

Studio: R8 Games Ltd

Partner(s): -
Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One
Engine: UE4

  • Combat Design: Balancing obtainable hovercrafts and upgrade parts through playtest data, designing Perk builds to propose a playstyle per Player Type.

  • Level Design: Creating Track templates and map variants, rapidly iterating Pickups and Speed Boosts to create an optimal racing-line and contesting points for competitive play.

  • Campaign Dev: Pitching and prototyping a Campaign Mode to provide progression through stage variations and interactions from rivals to promote growth.

  • Game Mode: Pitching and prototyping various Game Modes rulesets through visual script: with additional signs and feedback via UE4 UMG UI.

Upcoming Projects


Deathsprint 66

Sumo Digital x Secret Mode | UE5

  • Locomotion 3Cs

  • Rapid Prototype Iteration

  • Meta Progression / Economy Design


Critter Café

Sumo Digital x Secret Mode | UE5

  • Puzzle 3Cs and Principle Workshops

  • Narrative Support and Progression Design


Unannounced Mission-based Co-Op Shooter

TBA | Proprietary Game Engine

  • Co-Op Ability and Weapon Design

  • Mission / Encounter Design Support


Unannounced GaaS Extraction Shooter


  • Locomotion 3Cs

  • Rapid Design Iteration and Visual Scripting

Workshop / Deck Examples

Examples of Design Documentation and RGD Workshops are available upon request. Get in contact.

Functionality Tester Experience

Alien: Isolation
Football Manager 2015
Sega Genesis Classics
Total War ARENA
Stampede Racing Royale
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Still Wakes The Deep
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