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Create a Traveller on your Mobile and join friends in local RPG adventures on your TV!

The project aimed at practicing industry-standard workflows in developing a cohesive User Interface for a specific game genre.


Traveller Kingdoms takes the mechanics of Jackbox Party Pack where Players connect to a single Steam Game host by using their Phones as Controllers and then gives each Controller life with its own Character Creator and identity to play with.

To match the fun-nature style of this Social RPG prototype, interface designs had to be bright, colourful, welcoming and easy to navigate.

Critical Tasks




  • All game design concepts and whitebox tests were done as a Solo task in UE4. These tests were to give Traveller Kingdoms a basic identity as a blockout, then develop a suitable interface style to attract a casual-game audience.


  • Various moodboards from conducted online research results were created. This was to understand the value in casual gaming, and how to reach for this target audience and to attempt a bridge with other genre fans to avoid alienation.


  • Dynamic popup systems were designed in UE4 to speed the development process. These macros simply required a set of arguments to automatically create widget prompts scaled correctly between different hardware specs (e.g. PC or Mobile Phone), without much need for manual adjustments except for polish. This allowed possible additions to content akin to an online title having expansion updates for regular changes.


  • Icons and Logos were developed in Photoshop to emulate this fun fantasy style. Although 3D assets were purchased and audio was sourced and referenced, interface assets were developed to promote this cohesion between both versions of the game.


  • Mobile systems had a focus on accessibility. This prompted features such as Lefty Flip, and ensuring buttons were large and clear to understand the reason for user Input. To maintain synergy, the PC system followed many of the Mobile system's assets.

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TV: Splash Screen
Mobile: Character Creator
Mobile: Interface Design
TV: Mission Select
TV: Join Session from Mobile
Core Conceptual Design
TV: Interface Navigational Map
TV: Interface Drafts
Mobile: Interface Drafts
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