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The Traveller Adventures continue! Dive into an Action Arena with friends and tackle hostile encounters!

Dungeons revitalises an established brand by using intrinsic motivation techniques in a co-op Dungeon-Crawler and analysing the elements for cross-platform play.


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Critical Tasks

  • Solo UE4 Dungeon-Crawling development to identify key mechanics from the genre. Analysing relative genres such as rouge-likes and metroidvanias, deconstructed into key features and implemented via UE4 visual scripting.

  • IP research and growth. Working from a previous Project's brand (Traveller Kingdoms), target audience was reassessed to consider the genre adjustments and time elapsed from previous title to create a new but familiar identity to the entry.

  • Synergy-rich player mechanics. Rouge-like progression using flexible character abilities to avoid monotony in gameplay longevity and promote agency during sessions. Skills developed using open formulas to mix and match attack combinations and avoid a single-playstyle for a better result in agency during team play.

  • Game-feel focused combat and dungeon-generation macros for ease of future development. Critical functions to generate a new dungeon layout and ensure rich combat states during gameplay compiled into accessible macros to allow a fluent workflow when implementing new content for players.

  • Cross-Platform production for additional hardware access. UE4 replication and Android app development software to allow gameplay inputs from a virtual controller to offer extra hardware for multiplayer.

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