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Based on the 1980s comedy Airplane!, 1-4 Players struggle to be the #1 Air Host!

Airplane!! demonstrates rich 2D feedback using game-feel: screen shakes, hit-stun flashes, UI animation, and rich audio cues to guide players to victory.


The task was to gamify a section of a 1980s film, in which I turned the food-poisoning event into a strategy-party game in the same veins of Diner Dash. The title merged elements of fast-paced puzzle games, such as Wario-Ware Inc! by using gamification on trivial tasks such as dealing with angry customers by turning them into Rhythm Games.


Expotential 2017 Technical Artefact award winner.

Critical Tasks




  • Solo designed and built from scratch using Game Maker 8's GML scripting. All code and art assets were created by hand and went through iteration via feedback provided from other students during multiplayer tests.


  • Iterative test adjustments to ensure the game length was optimal in this demonstration prototype. This allowed more time to be focused on sensory feedback; haptic feedback, screen shakes, hit-stun flashes, and other areas to juice gameplay.


  • Coopertition (the pseudo-title for a Cooperative and Competitive title) was utilised to manipulating an intrinsic motivation on Players during microsessions. By displaying a Crown on the leading player, this prompted a light-frantic player interaction during a session to prolong session longevity.

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Character Select
Quick Tutorial
1-Player Gameplay
GML Coding
Planning Documentation and Blockout
Asset Spritesheet
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