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4 Players battle it out to be the surviving cultist to summon their grotesque overlords.

A small team project demonstrating the effectiveness of gameplay feedback in a shared-screen brawler environment.

The task was used to engage in UI/UX design and practice iterative design through live expo sessions to optimise micro-sessions.


Project Raid features 3 modes, each offering subtle changes in gameplay to appeal to different types of Players; from more competitive Head-to-Head environments to a more Party session with feedback loops to keep everyone at an equal footing.

Critical Tasks


  • Polishing key gameplay mechanics from feedback testing. Optimising the Game Loop and adjusting Game Modes to improve long-term replay value.


  • UI/UX design and animation to maximise Game-Feel. Visual feedback used to prompt player engagement and intrinsic motivation during competitive sessions. Each area of the interface came with its own animation set (such as HUD rumble on damage) and audio cues for consistency throughout the game to provide feedback clarity for positive and negative actions.

  • Maintaining game flow. Selections come with icons or a video to clearly depict the choice to maintain Player agency and avoid loss in Flow during multiple game sessions. Choices remained limited, such as only 3 options with any minor selections being smaller in size.

  • Managing local and online social-media QA sessions. Public feedback was deconstructed to acknowledge weaker areas and iterate designs swiftly. This encouraged further accessibility adjustments such as colour feedback on damage hits and adjusted character colours to be colour-blind friendly (e.g. tritanomaly).

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