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A spinoff project to Borderlands, following Mordecai in his early hunting days.

Designed to show the value of changing a pre-existing IP's genre. The project pushed my Leadership and Management skills on a team of 20 and focuses on Environment design.


The title brought Borderlands into an espionage environment for Players to reach and capture a Target without getting caught: scoring points for time taken and smooth takedowns.

Critical Tasks




  • Maintaining team motivation throughout the project cycle. Ensuring deadlines were met, conducting scrum-sessions to reassess progress and setting sprints.

  • Creating a stable base project and workflow document. Documented guidelines allowed the team to follow through a clear development cycle, pushing for clear functioning mechanics early in development with visual examples and breakdowns. Documents also were created to keep workflow consistent in both the project team and the Character and Animation outsource teams.

  • Dynamic Material where created to aid mechanic readability. Capture FX and dissolves were implemented to add visual flair to co-developed mechanics, and fit with assets provided by the outsource teams.

  • Overall level coordinator. Ensuring espionage activities felt good to partake in and the environment was easy to navigate (USP). The playground must complement the player moveset.

  • Weekly recorded QA tests from other students. Used to ensure quality was maintained and improving in subsequent updates via deconstructing natural responses and feedback.

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Stealth Setup
AI Capture
Climbing Navigation
Key Environment Shot
Location Conceptual Stages
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